Saturday, June 18, 2011

NL North Preview

Cincinnati Reds

Key Losses: CF Hersh Baxter (trade), CF Everth Henriquez (free agency), RHP Juan Martinez (free agency), C Buzz Meadows

Key Addition: LHP Dennis Maduro

Season 4 Outlook: Many fans in Cincinnati were upset to see some of the star players leave the Ohio River area. The Reds are forecasted to be an average team with some holes to fill at 2B and CF. Many feel that the Reds will be sellers during the July trade deadline with RHPs Doc Patterson and Joe Hannity being the most likely causalities if any other team has the money and the courage to take on their large salaries.

Franchise Outlook: Although many Cincinnati fans don’t want to hear it, the Reds are looking at a rebuild. The Reds lost two Type A free agents and one Type B and so will be looking to rebuild with two first round draft picks, three supplemental round choices, and two second round selections; the highest being 19th overall. The Reds front office staff realizes that they have a lot of scouting to do in order to receive the absolute best payoff with the low budget they have ($8M college, $13M high school).

Bottom-line: Look for the Reds to be an average team in season 4. They will continue to rebuild in forthcoming seasons, spending more money on scouting and less on payroll. The draft will be critical this season and in the next few seasons with a few more Type A and Type B free agents to come. ML favorites like RHPs Doc Patterson, Joe Hannity and 1B Tomas Rojas could be traded as well. Expect the Reds to become irrelevant until season 7 or 8.

Milwaukee Brewers

My offseason was quite tame. I lost nobody of importance, and signed nobody of importance. My only important transactions were the promotions of Gerardo Castro and Byron Mashore from AAA, along with the Rule V selection of Guillermo Martin from the Blue Jays. All three are pitchers who will get a fair number of innings this season. As for an outlook/prediction, this is essentially the same team that has been playing .500 for the last three seasons. Unless something crazy happens, or I make a big trade, we'll be a .500 team and miss the playoffs yet again this season.

Montreal Expos

Key Player Added : None
Key Player Lost : None
Key Transaction: No major transaction
Rookies: None

Outlook: The team is almost the same from last season. The Expos still have the same pitching rotation, Rabbit Mauer, Daniel Ratliff, Art Harvey, Bob Richards and Buzz Epstein. In the playoffs of the last season, Mauer and Ratliff were very impressive and we hope that they will be as good this season. Epstein should be better since his control and split have improved in the offseason.

Terrence Fonville has shown great numbers in his first season in the bigs. He was second in saves with 49, and he has kept an ERA of 2.01. Fonville still have the closer job for the Expos.

For the positions players, Hector Colome may be use in the clean up spot since he hit 51 home runs last season. Peter Yamamoto did very well as a rookie, and we are hoping more from him this season. Also, Charles Suzuki was promoted in the mid season to replace injured Sherry Merrick. Merrick is back, and Suzuki will stay with the team and play at second base. This is the main reason why the Expos traded Maverick Rivera for a young prospect.

Montreal won his first world series, and they are looking for another title. Therefore, there is other teams who want the same thing. Many of them have already moved to acquire some great players.

Also, we are looking to play against Atlanta in the playoffs because we need to prove to all the Expos fans that we can beat them. This is becoming personal.

Philadelphia Phillies

Key Player Additions: Jack Meadows(trade from KC) and SetUp/Closer Frank Fujiwara (Trade from LAD)

Key Players lost: 2B Prince Hernandez(Trade to Boston), 2B Huston Hill (FA signing by LAA)

Rookie Outlook: OF Bob Scoroposki and SetUp/Closer Del Carrasco

Outlook: The Phillies are looking to get back into the division race with Fujiwara and Carrasco joining the back end of the bullpen and former MVP Jack Meadows coming in to the lead an Offense that already featured MVP candidate Les Milner together they are hoping to bring a ring to the city of brotherly love.

Its short I could make it a bit longer if you would like just let me know if you need more info

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