Monday, June 20, 2011

AL East Preview

Baltimore Orioles

Key player added- Efrain Grissom
Key player lost- Reid Gold
Key transaction- (ultimately...the trade for Hersh Baxter from Cincinati was my "big deal" and the "domino" (and main) reason Reid Gold was moved to Atlanta as I needed to free up cash for Baxter's long term may ultimately be my team's demise as I really wasn't expecting the veto).

So, if we are talking about transactions that actually didn't get vetoed...then the trade of Reid Gold to Atlanta was our key tranaction as it gives the Orioles the financial flexibilty needed for the next four seasons, but most importantly, we added three very good and underrated ML prospects that will help the Orioles long after Reid Gold decides to hang up his cleats.

Season #4 Outlook- The Orioles still consider themselves the team to beat in the AL East. We still have a potent offensive team with a good mix of veterans and youngsters alike.

We are slick-fielding and have the best bullpen in the league. If there is a weakness, it's the back end of our rotation as there is a drop-off in talent after our top-three starting pitchers.

If the team takes a turn for the worse and doesn't produce this season, you may see a "fire sale" as 3 key veterans Glenn Aspromonte , Pascual Mendez , Philip Price are in their contract year and several other key players are arbitration eligable next season. Anything less then the playoffs will be a major dissapointment.

Boston Red Sox

Additioins: Huang (will DH) Pride (SP) Stafford (RP) Lockwood Cohen (LF) Ordonez (RP) Promte Kerr

Released: Lemke Walsh

FA that left - Thompon and Owen

Cleveland Indians

Jolbert Mendoza - CF - was my key player lost
Yovani Johnson - C - key player added
Albert Fernandez - SP - key Rookie

Biggest move is having Fausto Bennett for a full season from a trade last year. If the SP holds together, the team should be in good shape. Decent depth is available on the hitting side, but we'll need to have consistency in the rotation to do anything good this year.

Not alot of movement on my team between years.

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