Monday, June 20, 2011

NL East Preview

New York Mets

Key Player Added: Hersh Baxter
Key Player Lost: N/A

Best Prospects: Ricky Duffy, Erubiel Sardinha, and Gerald Park.

Season Outlook:
The NL East isn't a strong division as no team finished season 3 over .500. Torres, Baxter, Simms, and Corbin provide a decent heart of the order, and the additions of Trevino and Ramsey (Rule V) make what was already a solid bullpen a potentially dominant one.

My starting pitching isn't great, and my offense does have some holes in it. I think I might have a chance at .500, and in the NL East that might contend for the playoffs. Of course, I may lose 90+ games again too. Who knows...

Washington Nationals

Key additions - free agent 2b Joe Briggs, P Pascual Perez
Rule 5 additions - p Domingo Hernandez and cf Roger Moyer

Losses - P Barry Cook

Rookies - P Ron Henry, Bono Walker, and Manny Heilman, ss Shaggy Cedeno

Outlook - We look to improve our record and defend our South Division Crown. With the addition of Briggs moving former ss Fergie Crawford to third and the insertion of Cedeno at short improves our defense. Walker and Heilman were late call ups last season and improved our pen, This season, Heilman will be the closer as Allie Mitchell and his 42 saves goes to the setup role. Of course, Rightfielder Darren Whitaker and Catcher Derrick Miller hitters 5 and 6 in the lineup return coming off 30 homer seasons as well as the speedy and talented outfield duo of Leftielder Johnny Munro and Centerfielder Delino Melendez.

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