Monday, June 20, 2011

AL West Preview

Seattle Mariners

Key Additions

Pepper Sutton - LR/Spot Starter (FA)
Brendan James - LR/Spot Starter (Trade)
Juan Martinez - Stud LRP (FA)
Paul Harris - Back Up Catcher (FA)
Robinzon Mondesi - SP (Trade)
Hong-Jin Sasaki - 2B/3B (Call Up)

Key Subtractions

Von Hultzen
Yank Stafford (Type A Comp)
Peter Vernon (Type B Comp)
Will Wilson (Type A Comp)

Typical Line Up (Pos) (Proj):

Garrett Simons (3B) .280, 30HR, 75RBI, 30SB
Benny Vega (CF) .310, 45HR, 130RBI
Rondell Brooks (DH) .330, 45HR, 125RBI
Josias Cedeno (C) .280, 35HR, 100RBI
Darwin Howell (1B) .275, 40HR, 100RBI
Hong-jin Sasaki (2B) .270, 35HR, 75RBI
Harry Suarez (LF) .290, 30HR, 100RBI
Odalis Andujar (SS) .240, 10HR, 60RBI, 20SB
Benito Johnson (RF) .300, 15HR, 80RBI, 15SB

Pitchers (Rot) (Proj):

Andy Ramsey (SP1) 240IP, 18W, 4.00ERA
Robinzon Mondesi (SP2) 240IP, 18W, 4.00ERA
Wendell Xavier (SP3) 175IP, 15W, 3.20ERA
Ivan Estrella (SP4) 175IP, 14W, 3.50ERA
Ben Reese (SP5) 220IP, 10W, 4.50ERA

Pepper Sutton (LR) 120IP, 8W, 4.00ERA
Juan Martinez (RP) 150IP, 3.25ERA
Gus Handworth (RP) 100IP, 3.75ERA
Victor Ramirez (RP) 75IP, 3.5ERA
Jim Osbourne (RP) 75IP, 4.00ERA
Clayton Benard (RP) 40IP, 4.00ERA

Possible Injury replacements

Brendan James (SP)
Brad Harper (RP)

Rookie Update:

Hong-jin Sasaki should have a solid rookie season, playing in Safeco will likely prevent him from getting ROY consideration.

I think I’ve made improvements to my bullpen, I still need to get a closer and perhaps improve the back end of my rotation. I may have to trade a solid prospect to do so. We’ll have to see how the RP’s that I have perform. My core players are still young and my team should be much better just based on their progression. Doesn’t help that my starting SS just got injured, luckily it happened early enough that I can still sign a decent FA to fill in.

Projected Win Total: 100 (2 seed)

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