Monday, June 20, 2011

AL North Preview

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox will have a solid hitting lineup led by CF Yuel Andujar has averaged 40 homeruns and 103 RBI's his first two years in the Majors. The sox also brought up last year Evan Henry and Yuumeiro Owen that hit .294 and .270 in their first year. The Sox have the luxury of platooning two very good catchers in Lew Ginter and Slick Schumpert who hit .280 and .339. The club also added Evereth Enriquez as a free agent who will play all outfield positions. The White Sox pitching is still a concern but have D.T. Obermueller who had 30/33 saves last season. The ace of the staff is Xavier Russell 14-9 and has 2nd year startes Mike Seaver 4-3 and Darrel Swan 5-11 who should seee improvement this season. The pitching FA aquisitions were Osvaldo Torcato and Dustin Peters. The white Sox look to the future of 5 great pitching prospects to go with the current lineup.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins will concentrate on trying to solidify my bullpen with the addition of 3 RP. SP was a huge disappointment last year -Robert Kielty was a bust and also let Eduardo Sanchez go. Minnesota is trying to add 1 more SP via FA or trade to bridge the youth coming up.

Re-upping Kirkland to a not too bad extension was my key transaction. Outlook is to avoid 100 losses as my offence tries to steal games and I try to re-build the pitching staff while working in some kids over the course of the year.

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