Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome – Season 5

The fifth season of Gary Carter is starting, finally. I have already said this, but I’m sorry for the waiting before the two seasons. It was supposed to be a quick rollover, but instead I had to look for new owners.

Now, that all the teams have been taken, we are ready to play ball.

I would like to welcome the new owners, ferg63 (Boston Red Sox), jmuhtoff (Milwaukee Brewers), desanders (Chicago White Sox) and a returning owner, shesaid (Chicago Cubs).

The rules are the same. You can read them on the blog if needed. Also, Minnesota has to win 70+ games this season or he will have to leave. Rules are made to be followed.

Good luck to all of you!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Minnesota Case

The Minnesota Twins have broken the 200+ loses rule over two seasons, with a total of 207.

More than 200 losses over a two year period and the owner will be asked to state their case as to why they should be allowed to stay. If allowed to stay the owner must reach 70 wins or be replaced.

Minnesota Comment
My horrendous start made it a virtually certainty that I will break that barrier. My team has improved since I cleaned out the ML staff earlier this season. Hopefully, you see that I am an active owner and will be allowed to continue. Some problems can't be fixed in 1 season. . . I'll have to be more aggressive in the off-season to get up to 70 wins.

Final Decision
I was hoping to never have to apply this rule, but now I have to deal with it. Rules are made to be followed. I have taken the time to look at what Minnesota has done since he joined the world in day one. I have also asked people for their comments on Minnesota.

For my part, I have found that his team records have dropped since the first season, from 90 wins in season 1 and 51 wins in season 4. The good thing is that Minnesota seems to be an active owner in this world. Since the first season, he has made 19 trades, signed 8 IFA and drafted some nice prospects. I can see there that Minnesota’s owner care about his team.

Also, his minor team’s records are very good over the past seasons. This means that there should be some potential in his young players. In the last season, he has signed some FA at the start, move some players with trades, and promote young players to his ML team. I’m sure that all this has been done to try winning more game and avoid breaking the rule. Honestly, I think that his intentions to have a winning team are real.

So, the rule will apply. Minnesota owner will stay for the next season, but will have to win 70+ games to be allowed to continue in the world.

Some Facts
• 5 in S1
• 1 in S2
• 6 in S3
• 7 in S4

• 2 in S1
• 1 in S2
• 4 in S3
• 1 in S4

• 90-72 in S1
• 71-91 in S2
• 66-96 in S3
• 51-111 in S4

He has a winning minor league records.
He has made some activities in FA market in season 4.
He has made some promotion in the ML to try winning some more games.

Anonymous Comments
"Being in the NL I haven't kept up with many AL teams so I can't offer an opinion on whether or not dh0220 has been a "bad" owner.. What I do think is he's been with us since Day 1 and I don't recall any shady trades or claims of him running out guys with 0(0) stamina. He wasn't neglecting his minors (they all had winning records) so I see no reason why would we kick him from this world. This HBD simulation isn't very consistent. How many 100+ win teams get beat in their first playoff series ??? Happens all the time in HBD.. I added more talent to my team before this year, stayed relatively healthy, my young guys were a year older and yet I lost 11 more gms than last year which makes no sense.. Same thing could have happened in Minnesota. I think we need to keep as many Gary Carter "veterans" in this world as long as possible.. That's my long winded opinion.. "

"That is always a tough call. The guy has been here since season one and made playoffs and has gradually declined. I would put him on probation and say 1 more 100 loss season and he gets the boot. That way he can call up some minor leaguers and not do a first class tank job and may stay several seasons if he turns it around. "

"Don't know him personally so I look at his "record". He is a HOF'er and I can relate to him a little. I lost over 100 games this season and sometimes that happens when you are building a team. For these reasons he should stay. "

"I'm OK with letting either stay another season. "

"I've never interacted with him. Looking at his minor league results, he seems to have some talent since each team has a winning record. I'd lean towards giving him one more year to get it together. "

"I don't know enough about him to have an opinion. However, I think if you do not enforce a rule, then you are going to have a hard time enforcing that rule or any other rules the next time the situation arises. You should not have rules if you are not going to enforce them no matter who the owner is. "

"Knowing he was that close to the loss threshold, he should have put much more effort into this season. And it looks like he did just the opposite. I'd jettison him, I think. "

"I think that he should GO. 36 carear seasons and only 6 seasons over .500. He has 18 seasons in which he lost over 100 games. Either he doesn't try to win or doesn't get the game. "

"I have not had a real opportunity to observe him as an owner, but Minny should have been able to win more than 51 games this year. "

"Not sure if my opinion counts, but he has progressively lost more and more games each season, and he's played .400 ball in 36 seasons overall. Either he doesn't get it, or he's a tanker. "

"I vote he goes. I had to make moves I didn't want to this season to ensure I didn't break the 200 game mark. He broke it. He goes. "

"I personally would say bye bye to dh0220. He has 2 teams, neither of which can must a .400 win%. IMHO, to lose 200 games over 2 seasons means you don't have a clue or are trying to stockpile players. He is difficult to trade with too (unresponsive). "

"I'm ok with him staying on one more season. "

"Im okay with him, He hasnt ran the team very well. but then again, he may have started with a poor team. I didnt think the trades he did helped his team much including the one with me. I think he's gotten royally ripped of on a few trades and the people in the world have done him any favors by not vetoing.. So he's have to win 70 next season? If so, I dont see it happneing.. "

"Rules are rules I guess...but he seems harmless for the most part. "

"I'd let him stay another season. He has tried bringing in some ML talent to avoid that situation. "

"Here is my thinking- based on nothing but how hard it is to find owners- does he check his team most ever day? does he bid on international free agents? does he set his draft picks? In your opinion, is he trying to do the right thing with his team? If the answer is yes to all of these then I say keep him!"

Teams Power Ranking - Season 4

National League
1. Philadelphia Phillies (+23)
2. Pittsburgh Pirates (+22)
3. New York Mets (+14)
4. Houston Astros (+11)
5. Milwaukee Brewers (+10)
6. San Francisco Giants (+4)
7. Washington D.C. Nationals (+3)
8. St. Louis Cardinals (+2)
9. Los Angeles Dodgers (0)
10. San Diego Padres (-1)
11. Atlanta Braves (-6)
12. Arizona Diamondbacks (-11)
12. Florida Marlins (-11)
12. Montreal Expos (-11)
13. Chicago Cubs (-12)
14. Cincinnati Reds (-22)

American League
1. Cleveland Indians (+17)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (+14)
3. Colorado Rockies (+10)
3. Seattle Mariners (+10)
4. San Juan Tiburones (+9)
5. Anaheim Angels (+8)
6. Detroit Tigers (+6)
6. Oakland Athletics (+6)
7. Texas Rangers (-7)
7. Chicago White Sox (-7)
8. Toronto Blue Jays (-10)
9. Kansas City Royals (-11)
10. Baltimore Orioles (-13)
11. Minnesota Twins (-15)
11. New York Yankees (-15)
12. Boston Red Sox (-17)