Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NL West - Preview

Arizona Diamondbacks
Even though we are coming off a disapppointing Season 4, The Diamondback fans are confident that good times are on the horizon. The owners opened up their wallets and landed one of this year's top free agents in superstar LF Jack Meadows signing him to a monster $130 million contract.

This was the icing on the cake to what was a successful offseason that saw a huge trade bring the talented 2B Curtis Howell and RP Stu Myers to the desert from Philly.

It's never easy to trade away quality prospects like Fernando Martin, Yeico Lee, and Carlos Gandarillas, but nobody can question we aren't trying to make this team better immediately.

The Farm system is still very strong headlined by young phenoms Darryl Duffy, Justin Jacquez, Murray Dawley, and Jacob Munoz to name a few.
A #5 pick in the draft and money budgeted for at least one good IFA should just add to the depth in the minors.

Sub-par starting pitching this year will keep us from being a serious contender, but a wild card spot isn't out of the question if the team gels and stays healthy.

Everyone is fully committed to turning this around as evidenced by ML fielding instructor JJ Harris who was signed to a somewhat controversial 5.22m contract last year and yet was willing to come back this year for only 750k.

Guess that's what HBD is all about.

Good luck to everyone in Season 5 and keep an eye on The D-back as we are building something special here.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Key Player Added: C Rod Shaw

Key Player Lost: RP Santiago Martin

Key Transaction: SP Fernando Veras and SP Livan Suarez were traded for 2B Shigetoshi Ming.

Rookies: 2B Cookie Castro, 3B Rodrigo Chavez, SS Ross Francoeur, SP Jack Bailey, RP Julio Leon, RP Jumbo Ramirez, RP Marc Teahen and SP Abraham Brignac.

Outlook: Win at least 70 games.

San Diego Padres
The Padres continued the overhaul to the offense after again disappointing in the playoffs. The checkbook was opened for Delino Melendez, the key off season acquisition. A couple of role players were also added to the bench via free agency, but Melendez was the only significant addition.

Gone from last year's squad are first baseman Randall Robinson and CF Daryl Durham, a couple of everyday players. They were moved on to allow playing time for younger players ready for a larger role - Phillip Kroger and Phillip French.

No impact minor leaguers are on the horizon for this season.

San Diego is once again poised to battle NL West division rivals for the coveted playoff spots. The team remains centered around pitching and defense although the bats have improved slightly over the last few seasons. Look for Stu Delucia and Jesus Rodriguez to vie for the NL Cy Young award.

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