Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AL West - Preview

Seattle Mariners
Projection: 105 wins 1st RD BYE Key Additions Sun-Woo Zhang (SS) I over paid this guy thinking there would be more of a demand on SS.

I would’ve been better off resigning Odalis Andujar for the reduced rate of $2.8M. Hopefully Zhang can get me more SB and less errors. (PROJ .250) I’ll probably attempt to trade this guy at some point.

Morgan Russell (LF/RF/3B/1B) I traded away SP Sidney Caps to acquire this guy. Morgan will probably rotate through a few different positions this season. I’m expect him to bat in the 7/8 spot mostly at LF.

(Proj .275 Avg with 35 HR’s) Sal Bristow (RF/LF/3B/1B) I traded a couple pitching prospects for this guy late last season. I’ll probably rotate him through a few positions and he’ll likely bat in the 7/8 spot mostly at RF.

(Proj .270 Avg with 30-35 HR’s) Yank Stafford (Closer) We brought this guy back to fill our close needs. He will free up Juan Martinez which will hopefully solve some of my set up concerns.

BC Leon (Set Up B) I added this geezer for $875K.. Should be a bargain for 50-60 solid IP. Key Losses Sidney Capps #5 SP I traded away this guy to acquire Morgan Russell.

It may end up biting me in the ass. I will use Brendan James as my #5 SP and hope that everyone stays healthy. James was pretty solid late last season, hopefully I don’t regret making this trade.

Benito Johnson (LF/1B) I had to let either Harry Suarez or Benito Johnson go. I decided to keep Suarez due to his superior fielding and lower $$ demand. Benito should be solid in at with his new team, Anaheim

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