Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AL North - Preview

Chicago White Sox
Optimism is high in Chicago's US Cellular Field this year. The White Sox shouldn't have any problem scoring runs. The potent lineup includes CF Yunel Andujar, 2B Evan Henry, 1B Yusmeiro Owen, LF Everth Henriquez, DH Fred Bieser, and C Slick Shumpert.

However, this is tempered by the questions concerning the pitching staff. Will the young pitchers Bernard Brooks, Diory Andino, Darrell Swan, Rafael Azocar, and Dave Loiselle progress? Will the staff respond to last year's dismal season?

Key Players added: SP Rodrigo Rivera, SP Don Fleming, DH/C Fred Bieser, and IF/OF Glenn Aspromonte

Key players lost: Xaiver Russell, Michael Newsome, Dustin Peters, Stan Hodges

Big trade: Xavier Russell for Fred Bieser and Rodrigo Rivera

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