Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NL North - Preview

Montreal Expos
Key Player Added : Sidney Capps (Trade)
Key Player Lost : Bob Richards (FA), Art Harvey (FA) and Morgan Russell (Trade)
Key Transaction: Morgan Russell traded for Sidney Capps and Jaime Stoops
Rookies: None

Outlook: The Expos have lost some good player in Morgan Russell, Art Harvey and Bob Richards. They also acquired a nice starting pitcher in Sidney Capps. The team has some problem with their pitching staff depth, but if they need a new pitcher, they have a lot of free money.

Despite of all this, the Expos still have a good pitching rotation with Daniel Ratliff, Rabbit Mauer, Buzz Epstein and Sidney Capps.

Terrence Fonville will be the closer for the season. His numbers are great, and we are sure that he will keep showing good numbers. It was his third season in the bigs, and he is becoming better.

On the positions players’ side, the Expos almost have the same lineup. With his high batting average, J.R. Baines will be use as clean up spot. Sherry Merrick will be the lead up guy, following by Charles Suzuki and Greg Nichols. We will have Hector Colome, Peter Yamamoto and D’Angelo Duran following Baines. All of them can hit the ball for home runs.

Since the Expos have some nice young players that are pushing toward the majors, some player may be trade through the season.

There is a jinx on the Expos regarding the fact that they can’t beat Atlanta in playoffs… We will try another time to break it.

We are projecting to enter in the series a one of the two wild card teams.

Philadelphia Phillies
This Philadelphia Phillies are once again in competition for the playoffs wild card, or division. The 101 win team from last season, who was embarrassed in the 1st round with late season injuries to top players, will get their crack this season to overcome those troubles. This season they are once again led by the leadership of Les Milner who will be changing positions to LF after back to back Gold Glove awards at 1B. This is to make room for the Home Run Derby Champion from last season Kevin Edmonds. The Pitching Staff plans to come back from a great season last year in which they were ranked 2nd in ERA out of all 32 teams. This team has lost a fair amount of great players in Meadows, Howell, and Myers and only really added one in Edmonds, but hopefully the team can show their resilience and bring the proud city of Philadelphia another division title and maybe this time a pennant.

Key Players Added:
1B - Kevin Edmonds (Trade)
C – John Tebeau (Trade)
Bench/Pitch Hitter – Jon Cohen (Trade)
RP – Marcus Carson (FA)

Key Players Lost:
LF – Jack Meadows (FA)
2B – Curtis Howell (Trade)
RP – Stu Myers (Trade)
RP – Alfonso Reynoso (FA)
C - Ralph Byrd (FA)

Projected Opening Day Line-up
1.) CF- Luis Diaz (L)
2.)2B - Miguel Vazquez (R)
3.) LF – Les Milner (S)
4.) 1B – Kevin Edmonds (L)
5.) C – John Tebeau (S)
6.) 3B – Posiedon Buddie (L)
7.) RF – Bob Scoroposki (L)
8.) SS – J.R. Porter (S)

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