Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Playoffs Races Preview

NL North
The Montreal Expos has taken the lead and are looking for their first division title if everything stays like it is right now.Their closest follower are the Cincinnati Reds with 8 games back. It's still possible for the Reds, but they will have to win their matches against Montreal. The Philadelphia Phillies are out of the division title race, but could take the second wild card. They know that it will be hard.

- mohawkman says: Heck, I'm hoping I'm even it for a wild card when it gets down to the very end.

NL East
This division is very tight with only 10 games back between the first and last. Everything can happend here until the end. There is almost no chance for a wild card team here.

NL South
The Atlanta Braves and the Florida Marlins are engaged in a very exciting race for the division title with only 2 games back between them. The St.Louis Cardinals can still work and take a wild card spot, but it will be a surprise.

NL West
Another great race for the division title between the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants with a small one game back. That kind of race is always interesting when we know that San Francisco has won the last two division title and San Diego were second last season.Who wants to take a bet?

AL North
There is also a race here between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago White Sox. Only 3 game back between the two teams. The title were in Toronto's hands last season and Chicigo are looking for their first title since they finishes second in their first two seasons.

AL East
It seems that a three gorse race is happening here between the Baltimore Orioles, the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees. There is only 8 games back between them. Cleveland has won the last two titles, and the Yankees are coming for the last position in their first season. It will be a great race.

AL South
The toughest division of the world. Only 6 games back between the first and the third position. The Kansas City Royals are leading followed by the Texas Rangers and the Tampa Bay Rays. Therefore, there is a huge chance that the two AL wild card go to the second and third of this division. So, they will meet in the playoffs for sure.

AL West
The Seattle Mariners are leading that division with 9 games, but the Anaheim Angels can still hope for a playoff spot. It will be interesting to see if the Mariners can keep their pace. Remember that Anaheim were in the world series at their first season.

- willsauve says: My feeling right is that I already have the division title in my hand.

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