Monday, January 10, 2011

Season 2 - Free Agency Review

Chet Lieber (1B) – Milwaukee Brewers
Lieber got 75 millions for 5 years. He is a great power hitter, but he is average in defensive. Since he is playing in the NL league, he has to play at first base. Last season, Lieber hit more than 40 home runs, and this year he is going for more. This is a nice addition for the Brewers.

Keith Roa (LF) – Baltimore Orioles
Roa is a very good left fielder, and was signed by the Orioles. His contract last for two seasons, and worth 15 millions, including a 5 millions bonus for the first year. This guy can hit the ball and also run on the bases. His first season in San Juan was not bad at all, with 24 home runs and 22 stolen bases. He may reach the same numbers this year.

Sidney Capps (P) – Oakland Athletics
Capps signed a 5 years contract, including a team option for a total of 42 millions. Last season was not a good one. He was traded and finish with a losing records. His second season seems to go the same way. Capps has a nice control and one good ball. He is also a left-handed pitcher. This is a good starting point for the Athletics if they want to win in their strong division.

Tony Gomez (P) – Detroit Tigers
The Detroit Tigers made a nice signing in Gomez with a 5 years contract with player option for a total of 44 millions. Gomez has all the abilities for a starting pitcher. He can throw a lot of balls, has a good control and two nice pitches. Therefore, if the Tigers didn’t keep him in shape, Gomez may decrease fast and he may be overpaid for his last two seasons of his contract.

Doc Patterson (P) – Cincinnati Reds
This is a huge signing. A 5 years contract with mutual option for a total of 62 millions. At the age of 30, the Reds will have to keep a high training budget to allow Patterson to keep the pace. This guy may become overpaid in his lasts seasons of his contract.

Johnnie Buckley (P) – Milwaukee Brewers
This is a very interesting contract, only two years for 14 millions. Buckley has all what it needs to start in the ML. His 21 wins last season make me think that the Brewers made the best deal with this signing. Even if his second season didn’t start very well, I’m sure that he will be a great pitcher.

Stu Morgan (P) – San Diego Padres
The Padres got Morgan for about 13 millions with a player option and a no-trade clause. This right-handed pitcher has a great control and he is good against righty. His first season in the ML was not bad, but this year is he doing much better. He is on a pace for a great season.

Collin Walsh (SS) – Cincinnati Reds
Walsh signed a 5 year contract with mutual option for a total of 35 millions. It seems that the Reds still want their division title for season 2. Walsh is a good defensive shortstop and can hit the ball.

Miguel Velazquez (P) – Pittsburgh Pirates
This young pitcher was not supposed to be free agent, but for the good of the Pirates, he was left unprotected at the end of the first season. Velazquez signed a 5 years contract of 36 millions. At 24 years old, he is a promising ML pitcher. His current contract will end, and Velazquez will still be a great pitcher. The Pirates made a great deal here.

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