Friday, October 29, 2010

Amateur Draft Review (First Round)

#1 - Jesus Rodriguez (SP – San Diego Padres)
This guy has what it needs to be a #1 ML starting pitcher. His high control and split will surely help him in the future, as his two very good pitches, a fastball and a slider. His high durability may help him pitching more often. We may see him in the ML in about one or two seasons.

#2 - Diory Andino (SP – Chicago White Sox)
We can say that it’s a very good pick here, despite his average overall rating. This lefty pitcher is very good against lefties and righties, and also has a very nice control. His knuckleball is awesome. He has a great future ahead of him. I see him in the ML in about 3-4 years, depending on how he develops.

#3 - Buddy Conrad (LF – Philadelphia Phillies)
Buddy can easily hit but not run. He has a high contact and power, and is good against both left and right hitter. Nothing much to say that he will do what he learned to do, hitting the ball.

#4 - Bubba Everidge (RP – New York Yankees)
Bubba is an interesting closer or setup man. He has a good control and a great curveball. His real problem will be against the lefties. Hw will be in the ML one day for sure.

#5 - Ivan Roque (2B – Arizona Diamondbacks)
This guy was scouted has second baseman, but his defensive abilities may end him in the left field or at first base. His offensive abilities are very good, and will be on base most of the time while stealing some bases. Ivan will be in the 20-20 club for many seasons.

#6 - Manny Heilman (RP – Washington Nationals)
This left handed pitcher will be a good closer or setup man with his high control, and two great pitches. Manny is good against lefties, but may have some troubles against righties. Therefore, that will not stop him reaching the ML in about 1-2 seasons.

#7 - Delino Prieto (SS – Pittsburgh Pirates)
One of the best prospects of this first amateur draft, Delino is the shortstop that everyone would like to have. He is great while playing on the field, and can also help the team with his bat. It will take few seasons before seeing him in the ML, but he will find his way to the bigs.

#8 - Marino Tavarez (C – Houston Astros)
Marino is the first catcher to be draft, and it’s not a wasted pick. Usually catchers are good defensively or offensively, but this guy is very good in both. Excellent pick here for the Astros.

#9 - Ricardo Tapies (LF – Cleveland Indians)
This guy will be on base most of the time with his high contact and eye. His average power may give him some homeruns, but not much. Defensively, he will do the job in the left field, but may end at first base later in his career.

#10 - Lenny Waterson (2B – Cincinnati Reds)
This offensive second baseman has all it needs to be a very dangerous power hitter. His defensive ratings may give him some errors on the field unless he is moved to another position, like left field. Despite of that, you want this guy in your team to add some power to your lineup.

#11 - McKay Alexander (CF – Minnesota Twins)
This fast center fielder is what you need for your leadoff spot. This lefty hitter can also be very good against right-handed pitcher, which is a very good thing. His average health may keep him from playing entire seasons, but who knows. Using a high medical budget may help the team keeping him in the lineup.

#12 - Bruce Liddi (2B – Seattle Mariners)
Bruce is a very good hitter, which could be in the third spot of the lineup. This guy may hit his twenty homers every season, but his durability may keep him on the bench for few matches. He is young, but will reach the ML with a good training budget.

#13 - Chip Beckwith (RP – Oakland Athletics)
It’s hard to say if Chip will reach the ML with his very low control, but his split and pitches may save him some times. If he had a better control, I would have say that he was a great closer, but his future is uncertain. Let’s see where he is in 2-3 seasons.

#14 - Tony Kent (SP – St. Louis Cardinals)
Tony has the potential of a major league player. He can start games more often than others, and has a great control. The only missing thing is another great pitch. He will have to do with only a super fastball. Hitter will wait for the right pitch, and may hit some extra homers.

#15 - Justin Cooper (SS – Boston Redsox)
Justin is a very nice pick with his average offensive abilities. He will mostly help the team on the field. There is nothing more to say.

#16 - Vicente Franco (SS – Milwaukee Brewers)
I’m not sure if Vicente will reach the major league, but at least he can help the team with his defensive abilities. I see him as a replacement player that can play almost everywhere.

#17 - Jack Bailey (SP – Texas Rangers)
This is a very nice pick for the Rangers. Bailey will be a dominant pitching in the ML in few seasons. Since his stamina is not very high, he may not have much completed games, but he will have some quality starts. This left-handed pitcher his better against the lefties, but can do well against the righties.

#18 - Peter Lukasiewicz (SP – Cleveland Indians)
Having already drafted a left fielder, the Indians got a very interesting pitcher in Lukasiewicz. I have two concerns about him. First, his durability is a little bit low, and he will have to start every five games. There is no possibility to run four pitchers rotation with him. The second thing is that he may have some troubles against righties. Despite all this, Peter will be a good pitcher for the ML.

#19 - Lorenzo Mangual (SP – New York Mets)
This is another left-handed pitcher, but unlike many others, he is very good against both lefties and righties. This could help his low control. Mangual will reach the ML for sure, but we can’t say when exactly.

#20 - Vernon Sewell (SP – Baltimore Orioles)
Sewell is a great pick for the Orioles who are in need of some deep in their farm system. He has a high durability, a nice control and a great first pitch. He will have to take care of the righties that could hit him more often.

#21 - Pat Jefferson (2B – Houston Astros)
This is the second pick for the Astros who got a catcher sooner in the draft. Jefferson is a power hitter that can hit on both side of the plate. He can play at second base, but may end in the left field later. Already at 20 years old, he may reach the ML in 2-3 seasons if he develops normally.

#22 - Bryant Holder (SS – Florida Marlins)
Holder was drafted as a shortstop, but he is more a third baseman. His offensive abilities are nice, and he can play against lefties and righties easily. He is young and it could take few seasons for Holder to be ready for the big league.

#23 - Brian Gray (SP – Texas Rangers)
Another left-handed pitcher for the Rangers who is still having some troubles against righties, but has a awesome control, and four very good pitches. We won’t know the answer before few seasons, but Gray may be better than Bailey if he stays healthy.

#24 - Greg Nichols (RF – Montreal Expos)
First drafted has right fielder, Nichols may end playing in the left field since his defensive abilities are not very good. On the offensive side, he can hit the ball from both side of the plate, and run well on the bases. Does this guy will have time to reach his projection or not? At 22 years old, he has less time to do it, unless the Expos spend a lot of money in their training budget.

#25 - Shaggy Flores (C – San Francisco Giants)
He is an average defensive catcher that can also help the team by hitting the ball. Flores is able to hit any type of pitchers, right or left. There is nothing more to say except that he is an average player, offensively and defensively, but will be in the ML for sure.

#26 - Rafael Carrasco (LF – Atlanta Braves)
Defensively, this guy will be a very good left fielder, but may not help enough a team offensively to do the big league. He is a good hitter against lefties, but will have some problems against the righties. The Braves could use him in the game against lefties only.

#27 - Mark Pavano (LF – Tampa Bay Rays)
This is another player that is better against the left-handed pitchers. I’m not sure that Carrasco will stays in the left field. His defensive abilities would lead him to the first base duty. He has some speed and can run on the bases easily. So, having him in the lineup against a lefty pitcher may be very useful.

#28 - Stump Stokes (SP – Los Angeles Dodgers)
This pitcher is more a long relieve pitcher than a starter. His low durability and average stamina may earn him a spot in the ML, but not as a starter. Also, his high control may help his average split. I’m curious to see what’s the future is reserving for him.

#29 - Victor Golub (SP – Kansa City Royals)
This right-handed pitcher has an average control and stamina, so it is almost impossible for him to end as a starting pitcher in the big league. The better he can hope is to have a long reliever role in the bullpen. He has a very good split and one great pitch, but not much.

#30 - Vinny Forster (C – Atlanta Braves)
This second pick for the Braves is a nice pick. Forster will hit the ball and get on base, but he is missing some defensive abilities. Despite all that, this is a guy that you want in your team.

#31 - Dickie Killian (SS – Toronto Blue Jays)
This guy is a good shortstop defensively, and can also help the team with his bat. He won’t be a superstar, will reach the ML if everything goes well for him. The Blue Jays will have to be patient with him.

#32 - Steve King (C – San Juan Tiburones)
Nothing to say since I’m not seeing his ratings yet.

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